Janice Hoffman

What makes Janice Hoffman unique? Her mentor is John Gray, author of the best-selling Mars Venus books. Working closely with Gray, she’s seen the change in thousands of couples. Janice has trained over 550 Mars Venus Workshop Facilitators and Counselors worldwide and developed curriculum for the Mars Venus Institute. Janice has been featured in numerous articles and is a popular guest on radio and tv. Janice’s specializes in raising the awareness of our differences–while teaching communication skills necessary to maintain a healthy and passionate relationship.

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Get Smart Dating

Get Smart Dating is a program for teens when they need it most Get Smart Dating is fun and interactive, teaching today’s teens relationship and dating skills to empower them to make better choices for their lives and their relationships.

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Relationship Rules Book

Because of today’s busy lifestyles, men and women realize relationships aren’t easy. Relationship Rules is not about doing more, it is doing what you already do differently. Simply adjust what you are already doing in such a way that you can get the response you’re looking for in your partner. Finally couples have a relationship toolbox. Specific tools that work–each followed by a strategy of “How-To” for men and “How-To” for women: a strategy that will ensure their success. Relationship rules will help you navigate your way to ward a loving, passionate relationship that can last a lifetime.

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