Since 1998 she has been a member of the National Speakers Association and has been nominated NSA/Colorado Member of the Year in 2000, '06 & '07. She has also served on the Advisory Board for Consumer & Family Studies for the State of Colorado.

Janice's sincere and warm spirit and her knowledge of gender differences are invaluable. Her message is intriguing, practical and motivating. Let her personality touch your heart and her message expand your mind. Men and women both agree, she is sure to stir your thoughts!

Book Author & reverend


Janice Hoffman is a Relationship Expert and author of the award-winning book, RELATIONSHIP RULES 12 STRATEGIES THAT LASTS, Venus Publishing 2007, specializing in helping both genders apply the right tools to improve the quality of their relationships. Janice gives men and women a communication toolbox they can use to increases harmony in all areas of their lives.


What motivates the opposite sex? What influences behavior? If Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, let Janice show you how to bridge the gender gap in your world. Janice gives her audiences a road map to successfully achieve balance in their lives and increase their awareness and appreciation of the differences within each of us. This road map provides effective and practical skills that her audiences can apply immediately.

Featured on TV, radio and in numerous articles, Janice helps others improve their communication skills with her fun and entertaining style. Beginning in 1995 Janice was a certified Mars Venus Facilitator and also served as the Training Director for John Gray's, Mars Venus Institute. Janice’s has also been a relationship coach and a contributing author for When it comes to guiding people through the practice of successful communication, Janice knows.


Stop doing what doesn’t work and replace your efforts with relationship rules

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I've already completed the 5 rules mentioned in the book and also started applying in my real life. Your book has opened a new dimension of understanding the relationship for me. Your book is written in an accessible and engaging style, and offers practical advice that can be easily applied in daily life. Whether you are in a romantic relationship, a friendship, this book will help people like me build stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people in our life. I cannot wait to finish the book.   

Your book is written in an accessible and engaging style

If I had a copy of Relationship Rules by Janice Hoffman earlier in life it may have saved me a couple of divorces. The “Rules” are really just what works in developing a relationship and keeping it alive over the long term. Relationship Rules is an easy read, clean and to-the-point. I had the good fortune to interview Janice on my show.

Janice clearly knows about relationships and is entertaining and fun.

Thank you Janice!

 Janice has created the perfect guide for happy, lasting relationships

"My wife and I have been happily married for 34 years, successfully raised two sons to manhood, and survived two career changes (each). The other day, however, she had a tough day at work, wanted to talk about it, and I forgot Janice Hoffman's "Rule #2: "Listen without Interrupting." That made for a tough night. We didn't get to this point in our marriage without effort, however, so the next morning, we read Chapter #2 together, and then we talked about it. Thanks, Janice! Your helped us to see ourselves as the other sees us, and you've offered up some mighty tools for making our "veteran" relationship even better!"

Useful Rules--even for Veteran Relationships!

Got Interviewd by John Gray &  The view show

Got Interviewd by John Gray &  The view show

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