Release Fear, Restore Faith

Living a life based on trust is not an easy task. It take perseverance,  an enormous amount of faith and a sincere desire. It means risking, falling down, and getting back up again. At times others may mock and condemn our actions, yet having the tenacity to persevere through it all, we hold steadfast in our intuitive conviction. Even when tempted to waver, some may take the easy road, but a real warrior of truth will not be swayed or give in. A true warrior will stand in the truth of who they are. We stand in the knowing, or rather the un-knowing, regardless if our behavior makes sense to others or not.  


Having the willingness to say, “I don’t know”, allows that to be an acceptable place to be. Maybe a bit comfortable, but have the faith to trust it is exactly where you need to be.  


    In this state, we realize there are no questions we could ask that Truth can’t answer, for all knowing is provided when we ask. All guidance is laid down before us to help make our steps more purposeful. Every time we surrender fear, love is born again in our hearts.  


Release fear, restore faith, is our only prayer. Release fear. The fear that paralyzes us and stops us from doing what we came on the planet to do. Fear eventually putrefies into guilt, which is the ultimate paralyzer.  Don’t give fear the power to rule your mind and thoughts. Designed to impress and frighten, fear manipulates and tempts us to give in to its charm. 


Release fear, give it to God. Let Him work his magic. As you are able to release, maybe just a little at a time, the space it occupies becomes empty. But not for long for something—faith will fill the void.  


Restore faith. Close your eyes and think of your heart’s desire. With faith, breathe into that dream. Faith is a powerful tool often misunderstood and brushed aside. Like a candy bar, it tastes good but what does it do for you?    


Faith will get you from point A to point B. Faith will give you new eyes from which to see. Faith will restore your trust, in yourself and in others.  Faith will bring you closer to God. Faith itself will grow within you and will find its way through you to another, thereby restoring faith in themselves.  Never underestimate the power of Faith. It is your admission to trust, for you cannot trust without faith. They go hand in hand.


     When life feels unfair, what gives you strength to go on? What gives you the hope that things will improve? Who do you trust, really trust? Where do you find your peace? When you know the answer to these questions you will know. Release your fears and restore your faith.


      Surrender your thoughts to the One who is breathing life into your body right now. Breathe in Faith, exhale fear. Breathe in Trust, exhale guilt.  Breathe in Knowing, release doubt. Breathe in divine Guidance, release confusion. Breathe in Love and release heartache. Surrender to the One who is breathing your breath right now.


     You and I are divine beings of light taking up this place and time for reasons not yet revealed to us.Trust your Intuition, trust your still small voice, walk the path less traveled. Its destination is your heart’s desire. It is your homecoming. Welcome hone, welcome home.


by Janice Hoffman

Copyright December 2002

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