Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Do They Find Their Way Home?

Whitney Houston sang those lyrics in her song by the same name. I remember hearing those questions for the first time and wondered, where do broken hearts go and do they indeed find their way home? For years I have pondered these questions.  


Do broken hearts find their way home? Does the lyricist mean ‘home’ in the sense of their home of origin from or were they an idea to made manifest in human form? Or does the lyricist mean ‘home’ in reuniting with the person they love and obviously miss?


I believe we all have a soul family, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 souls. We experience different incarnations and have specific agreements with the members of our soul family. With this understanding, we travel through different lifetimes with the members in our soul family. 


In some lives we are the ‘good guy’ and sometimes we are the ‘bad guy’. Sometimes we are loving and sometimes we are cruel. In some lives we learn and in some we are stubborn as stone. With this realization, all pain is relative. 


All joy is relative. All forgiveness is relative. All love is relative and reigns supreme. Our function is to become joy, to become understanding, to achieve personal fulfillment, to actively learn the art of forgiveness as well as its purpose.  


The ability to live a life void of worry, guilt and shame is for many a lifelong goal and very achievable. The ability to acknowledge our progress is just as important as the work we do to make progress. With this awareness, what we are up to in this life can be handled more easily when problematic situations arise, for we know they are just bump in the road, not a large gapping hole. We move forward confidently and with grace. 


Janice Hoffman 

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