Those are magic words……especially for a woman.  When a woman hears someone offer help by saying, “How can I help you?”, her burdens suddenly become lighter.  Why?  Because when a woman hears the possibility that help is on its way, she is suddenly aware that she doesn’t have to do everything herself, and she can relax.  She will feel better just because someone asked and showed interest.

When this happens, the “feel-good” hormone, ocytocin, is released in her body causing serotonin to be produced in her brain, all allowing her to relax and let go.  In order for a woman to relax, she needs to let go of what is bothering her.

What are the magic words that help you relax?  Share with your partner, and the people in your life, what you need to hear.  What words or phrase would be helpful for them to say to you when you need to relax or when you want some encouragement and support?

That is why we are here — to help each other — so get busy.  Tell the people in your life what you need.  And instead of waiting for it, be supportive to another and watch how fast it comes back to you.

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